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All kids experience stress before the examination.Do you want to know How to avoid the exam stress?. Here is a info graph, that will help you. Info graph courtesy Online Sample Exams.

OSE infographics1 How to avoid Exam Stress for Kids

Pharmacy Technician Salary Importance of Pharmacy Technician Examination

The certified pharmacy technicians only can get the job opportunities in the reputed organization. Individuals have to pass the National Pharmacy Technician Examination to become a certified technician. Candidates who are with high school diploma and who have cleared the assessment test of pharmacy technician can apply for the board exam to receive the title as “Certified Pharmacy Technician”.

National Pharmacy Technician exam will be conducted for many times in a year. So, candidates can apply for the exam whenever they need a certification. If candidates didn’t clear the exam at first attempt, they would be allowed to take up the test until they score the pass mark. The pass certificate will be issued to the candidates within 50 days after the result was announced.

Candidates can also make use of online tests to obtain the certification. Crime records of the candidates will also be checked when they are applying for the board examination. The advantage of attending Pharmacy technician exam is that the candidate can get quick respond from reputed pharmacies. Some organizations will hire individuals without the certification to work with pharmacists. But, they will be recruited with the demand to complete the exam during their tenure of training. Pharmacy technician certification is very significant to get a job in a pharmacy.

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Art image Did Art is a Profitable Profession?

Many have the misconception that studying arts will not help individuals in earning a better income. This is because of the stories of familiar artists who gained popularity but never found eligible to enrol in the list of millionaires. Art is a profession that comprises of several creative related courses like painting, photography, visual arts and sculpture. Individuals who had proper training and certification in these courses can earn an income as much as they need. In art schools, pupils will be trained to enhance their creative abilities that help them to get a job in reputed organization.

Even artist can start their own business like training other professionals, selling their paintings and sculptures. Based on the concept of courses art profession can be classified under various labels like craft artists, art directors, multi-media artists and fine artists. Art directing will teach students about the ideas needed to represent a design in an attractive way to grab the attention of the audience.

Usually, art directors will get job opportunities in printing media and marketing agencies. By selecting the right career, art directors can make more money. Fine art will help students to create artworks to place at museums. The museum will conduct auction to sell the artworks. Higher amount will be paid for beautiful artworks. So, art is a profitable business where people can make more by creating various artworks.

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