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In recent years, we have been often scared with news of asteroids passing near our earth. We were even bit shocked to witness the series of meteorites that hit Russia in 2013, causing injury to about a thousand people. Good news is that Bill Nye – a science guy – has partnered with team of researchers and has found a new way to combat the objects coming off space and can potentially hit planet earth.
Laser bees, is the name of this new technology that is intended to protect planet earth from asteroids and huge objects that are in collision course with earth. These are tiny satellites that shoot concentrated laser beams at the space objects that are en route to hit earth. During this process, the surface of the space rocks gets vaporized, thus causing mini jets, which would get deflected from the earth. According to the source, the initial test concluded this method was very successful and exceeded all expectations.
For many years, scientists have been working hard to find a solid solution to prevent space objects from hitting the earth. Though there are many methods that include, solar wind sails and nuclear warheads, they too have limitations and uncertainties. Regarding Laser bees, though it is looking very promising, only time can answer how far they can good in saving the planet.

Dogs are always closely associated with human beings, not since modern times, but right from ancient days. There are many ancient texts that depict the relationship between human beings and dogs. Though most of you may own pet dogs, following are some few interesting dog facts that you may not be aware of.

  • There are 400 million dogs throughout the world.
  • Scientific evidence reveals that man started using dog as a domestic animal before 15,000 years.
  • Domestic dogs are omnivorous as they eat vegetables, leafs, grains, besides meats.
  • Hearing sense of dogs is superior to human beings by four folds.
  • Smelling capabilities of the dogs are simply remarkable. They can differentiate thousands of odors easily. It can also very easily find from where the smell is emanating from.
  • Among all the animals, dogs are nick named as “man’s best friend” as they are able to have strong bond with humans.
  • By registered ownership, the most famous dog breeds in the world is the Labrador. Owing to its intelligence, obedience and gentle nature, these breeds are not only used as household pets, but also used by police for investigation operations.
  • The average lifetime of a dog is about 10 to 14 years.

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When it comes to the other planets in our solar system, Mars is discussed very often. Besides, curiosity mars rover from U.S, you could see many other countries opening their research effort to explore mars. Fondly called as the “Red Planet”, this Mars planet stays relatively closer to the earth and is believed to have better living conditions for living beings when compared to other planets in the solar system. Though you may be aware that many rovers have already successfully visited Mars, following are some facts about this dusty and rocky planet you may not know much about.
Mars experiences dust storms that are violent in nature. Due to this, the surface of this planet is continually altered.
This planet gets its name red planet due to its surface which is blanketed by rust like dust. Not only that, its atmosphere is also in pinkish red due to the illumination of tiny particles from the planet’s surface.
Mars is the home of various massive volcanoes, including Olympus Mons – the biggest volcano in our solar system. It is 21m high with a base spanning area of 600kms.
Mars has many canyons, channels and plains on its surface, which is believed to have made by the water erosion in the past.
Mars is very cold that it can reach -120 Degree Celsius on winter and 25 Degree Celsius during summer.

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Human brain is indeed an amazing thing. Scientists are continuously researching the human brain to uncover many mysteries. Following are some basic yet interesting facts on human brains for kids.
Our human brain consists of billions of nerve cells that receives and sends information all around the body.
It is the center of our nervous system. It controls our movements, thoughts, decisions and memories.
The human brain is nearly three times bigger than the other mammals that are similar in size to that of humans.
The brain is divided into two sides and each side interacts mostly with just one-half of the body. The left side of the body interacts with right side of the body, and vice versa.
The human brain is protected with protective casing like skull called cranium. This cranium is made up of joining of 22 bones.
The weight of an adult human brain is about 1.5 kg. Although this makes only 2% of the total body weight, it consumes 20% of the body’s energy.
Our brain is floating in a liquid called Cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid acts as a cushion and as well as a roadblock to infections.
Some of the general brain diseases are Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

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The use of metals has been prevalent since ancient days and today metals are used in a wide variety of applications. Just continue reading to find out some of the fascinating metal facts.
Metals are usually solid and good conductors of heat and electricity when they are pure.
Gold, referred as yellow metal, is in shiny yellow color and does not get corroded. These features make this metal an ideal choice for jewelry.
Iron is the most common metal in the earth because it makes the vast part of the earth’s core.
Copper is mostly used for making electrical wires due to the fact that these are good conductors.
Mercury is the only metal that is in liquid form (at room temperature)
Aluminum metal is good conductor of heat and hence they are used for making cooking vessels.
Alkali metals such as potassium, sodium, caesium, rubidium and francium are highly reactive elements. Just putting any of these metals into the water can cause them explosion. Hence, they are cautiously stored in oil to avoid this happening.
Tungsten has highest melting point of all metals.
Alloy is a combination of one or two metallic elements. Alloys are usually made to enhance the qualities of particular metal. Know some light facts click here.

Light is one of the vital aspects for this planet and human beings. Our world, plants, human beings are many living beings are depending on light for their life. Now let us see into some of the must-know facts about light.
In physics, light is mentioned as electromagnetic radiation. In general, the light we refer in our day-to-day life is called visible spectrum.
Other animals can see the lights that cannot be viewed by human beings with the naked eye. For example, insects can see UV light.
UV lights are used to show things which cannot be viewed with the normal eye. This is why they are used in forensic for investigating the minute details of crime scene, which are not visible to the naked eye.
Light travels very fast that it exceeds sound. Unlike air, it can also travel via vacuum.
Light travels through different mediums such as water, air and glass. These mediums are given refractive index that shows how much it can slow the traveling of light. Higher the refractive the index, higher it slows the traveling of light.
Sunlight can reach the depth of the ocean of around 80 meters.
Plants use the energy from sunlight to convert the carbon di oxide into food. This process is called photosynthesis.Know more about Einsteen divulged, visit here.

How do you feel when you hear the world poop? Of course, most of you would don’t want to think about it for even a bit. We always see poop as something as mere waste excreted by the human body and simply useless. But wait! You would be surprised to hear that poop can play a role in improving health.
Poop has huge amount of living bacteria, which has huge potential to play a constructive role in health improvement. You may be already aware of the fact that there are many good bacteria that are playing a key role in sustaining our good health.
Good bacteria exist within the human bowel to down the bad bacteria and help producing vitamins. Now poop can be also be a lifesaver for those who suffer from ulcerative colitis – condition in which colon is filled with bleeding ulcers, freaking diarrhea, acute cramps and severe stomachaches. Fecal microbiota transplant (F.M.T.) is a procedure that can save a day for people, who are suffering from these conditions. In this procedure, poop from the digestive track of a healthy person is inserted into the digestive track of the ill one. This will insert the healthy bacteria and fiber into the digestive system and controls the ulcer.

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The whole world discusses about nuclear power and related things. Now go on and this is the time to read some crispy nuclear facts.
The word “nuclear” is derived from the nucleus of an atom. It is refers to the energy produced when the nucleus is split (fission) and fused with another (fusion).
The study of atomic nuclei and their related interactions is called nuclear physics.
Nuclear power utilizes fission to create electricity and heat.
The U.S, Japan and France are the biggest producers of nuclear power.
Nuclear power provides approximately 14% of the world’s total electricity.
Though nuclear plants are considered as very safe for long time, the recent accidents in Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, made the scientists stop publicizing the nuclear plants as very safe. In fact, many developed nations are looking out possibilities to shut down the plant and searching for new avenues for generating power in non-nuclear way.
The radioactive waste generated at nuclear reactors is hard to dispose safely.
Though many nuclear weapons have been tested so far, only 2 have been used for warfare.
Enrich uranium is the vital element for production of nuclear weapons and nuclear power.
The sun makes energy nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium.Know more about electrifying facts here.

Electricity has become something inevitable for modern human beings to get on with their daily routines. It is used for domestic, commercial, research and almost in every sphere in our life. Simply keep on reading to find out some basic facts about electricity.
You can never see or smell electricity, but you should certainly never touch as it could lead to fatal shock, depending on the power of the electricity.
In simple and very basic language, electricity is flow of electrons in a conducting material. That is the reason why electric wires are made out of conducting materials like copper and aluminum, and those wires are covered with insulating material such as plastic or rubber so that we do not get accident shock.
An electrical current is created from the bumping of electrons into each other.
There are two types of electricity viz. Static electricity and current electricity. Static electricity is produced by rubbing two objects, which results in creating a charge. Current electricity is produced by the movement of electrons in a conductor.
Electric current is measured in Ampere (Amps)
You might have heard about Direct current (DC) and Alternative Current (AC). Difference between the two lies in the direction of the flow of the electrons. In DC, the electrons flow in single-particular direction, while in AC, the direction of electrons switches forward and backward.

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Like vision and smell, sound is one of the important phenomena in this world. Right from the early age of humans, sound is being used as a mode of communication and entertainment as well. Following are the facts on sound that you may not have heard before.
Sounds are produced by vibrations. The vibrations create waves of sound which travel through the mediums such as air, water, metal, etc.
Our inner ear, it vibrates similar way as the original source of vibration, thus allowing us to identify different kind of sounds.
Sound cannot travel via vacuum.
The speed of the sound is approximately 767 miles per hour.
Sound travels in water four times faster than it travels in air.
Dogs can hear the sound of higher frequencies and hence they are able to hear sounds that cannot be heard by human beings.
We hear the loud noise when cracking a whip because the tip is moving very fast that it breaks the speed of sound.
Animals use the sound to detect the danger.
High sound is produced by fast vibrations, while low sound is made by slow vibrations.
It is hard to define music; however, any sounds that are pleasant to our ears are regarded as music.Biology stunning Facts here.

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